Please note that all consultations are by appointment, including Well Baby Clinics.  We are pleased to encourage all our patients to share responsibility for their health, both in preventing disease and managing existing problems.  Many illnesses can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

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The doctors, in conjunction with a health visitor and practice nurse, hold these at Pennard Surgery on Wednesday mornings.  Patients will receive postal invitations to attend clinics when recommended immunisations are due.

Please do not bring unwell children to clinics, as this increases the risk of passing infections to small infants.

Antenatal Clinics

These are held in conjunction with the community midwife on alternate weeks at Scurlage Surgery.  If you think you might be pregnant, it is in your best interest to contact the surgery at an early stage to make sure your pregnancy progresses normally.

During your pregnancy, labour, birth and after your baby has arrived, you will come into contact with a number of health professionals, all of whom will be involved in your care and the care of your baby: 

General Practitioner (GP) 

Your GP, with the midwife, will help you plan your antenatal care and will be responsible for all or part of that care.

Community Midwife

The community midwife, attached but not directly employed by the practice, has been specially trained to care for mothers and babies throughout normal pregnancy, labour and birth.  Midwives are involved in giving antenatal care, attending home births and delivering babies in hospital or GP/midwife units.  Your midwife may even accompany you to the hospital.  She will continue to look after you and your baby at home until she hands over your care to a health visitor at between 10 and 28 days after the birth of your baby.


heart_bpChronic conditions, also called long term conditions, are those illnesses that can be treated and managed ,but not cured.  Examples of these illnessess are Asthma, COPD, Stroke, Heart problems, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes and Lung disease.

The CCM nurse in your surgery will help patients with these conditions when they are experiencing more problems than usual, are frail or vulnerable, or are finding it increasingly difficult to get to the surgery. The aim is to give care, advice and support to patients ,and their carers, so that they are able to manage their condition as independently as possible.

The CCM nurse may see patients at home, in hospital, in the surgery, in Day Care Centres or in clinics and with the permission of the patient can liaise with the professionals the patient may see e.g. GPs, practice nurses, surgery staff, consultants, specialist nurses, pharmacists, Social Services staff and voluntary agency workers.

The CCM nurses have a caseload of patients that they will see or telephone regularly.  Each week they will check to see who from the surgery has been in and out of hospital, and which of these patients may benefit from a telephone call or visit.  Alternatively, though they do not have a set referral process as other nurses may have, GPs, nurses and other health and social care workers may ask them to assess someone to see if there is anything she can do to help.

The CCM nurses are employed by Bay Health Cluster and divide their time equally between each of the 8 practices that form part of Bay Health Cluster.

Health Visitors

A health visitor is a fully qualified nurse who has had extra training in the caring for people in the community.  Their role is to help families, especially those with very young children, to keep healthy.  The health visitor will visit you at home sometime after your baby is 10 days old and give you information about feeding as well as general health and safety.  They will also offer advice and support if you have any problems.  You can arrange to see the health visitor at home or at the Well Baby Clinics held in surgery.

Hypertension Clinic

These are held at both the Scurlage and Pennard surgeries, by appointment.  Our practice nurses will monitor and advise patients with blood pressure problems and refer them to one of the doctors whenever necessary.

Asthma Clinics

These are held by appointment at both the Scurlage and Pennard surgeries by our practice nurse in conjunction with one of the doctors.  Advice on all aspects of how best to cope with this common condition is available.

Diabetic And Endocrine Clinic

This is held by appointment at both the Scurlage and Pennard surgeries by practice nurses in liaison with a doctor and community dietitian.  We hope that by conducting regular and thorough check-ups for people with continuing or long-standing problems, we can help prevent any deterioration in their health.

Travel Vaccinations

If you are planning a trip or holiday abroad, it may be advisable to have certain vaccinations, eight weeks before you plan to travel.  Please contact our practice nurses to see whether it is necessary for you to be vaccinated.  There may be a charge for certain immunisations.

flu_shotInfluenza Clinics

These are held yearly, usually during the months of October and November, in order to provide free vaccinations to all over 50 year olds and those in the ‘at risk’ categories.  We hold several of these clinics in both surgeries.

Phlebotomy Clinics

Providing the taking of blood samples by a trained phlebotomist, employed by the Health Board, on a weekly basis at Pennard Surgery on Wednesday mornings.

The clinics which follow are by doctor/nurse referral only:

Minor Surgery Clinic

Providing minor surgery procedures, such as removal of minor skin lesions, aspirations and injections of joints, on a Friday afternoon at Scurlage Surgery.

Cryotherapy Clinic

Providing removal by freezing of skin tags, warts and certain minor skin lesions.  This service is provided based upon demand but usually on a quarterly basis.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Providing physiotherapy treatment via an appointment with one of the physiotherapists who are employed by the Local Health Board.

Counselling Sessions

Providing specialist counselling services by a trained counsellor.  These sessions are provided on a private basis and a fee is payable to the counsellor.

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